A World Apart and a Return to Familiar Things

Finally, the last week of 30 in 30. Another illustration from a book, this time the Magician’s Nephew, from the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. This was done pretty quickly, as I had overextended my time and hadn’t prepared far enough in advance. This was done using watercolor and watercolor pencils, so it maybe barely squeaks by as a painting,

My tiny pumpkins return! I love those little guys, and if I had unlimited time I’d paint fifty paintings of them because they’re just so darn cute! The white pumpkin is from the store, and the big gourd is actually a spaghetti squash donated from a friend’s garden. I wish they would stick around forever, but it’s probably good they won’t because I’m sure everyone would get tired of pumpkin paintings. This one is has my favorite shade of blue in it- the color of a cloudless fall sky. I had to improvise the background because I actually painted this sitting in my living room- I propped up a book behind the gourds and moved it around depending on where I was painting so I could get the shadows. Also, you can’t see super well from this photo, but this has some lovely texture- and I am all about texture.

This still life (final piece below) took a while. As stated before with my other nocturne, I’m not a night owl. I had to come back to this several times. But I just had to do a nocturne still life, and it was neat working by candlelight- also, the dirk made a really cool and edgy (heh) subject. It was also satisfying to finish because the end product looks nicer than my messy desk, as you can tell from the photo above. It was also nice to finish because I got the use of my desk back. I wanted to share the picture above, though, to show that you don’t need anything fancy to do art- just a bit of space and some paint.

By the way, does anyone else have a terrible time photographing oil paintings?

I got some lilies from the bargain bin at Kroger a while ago to brighten up my kitchen. It was a great investment because not only did they make the whole rainy next week more pleasant, they also bloomed huge and half the house smelled like flowers! I’m much more happy with this floral painting than my earlier one with the teacup.

And the final day! This painting took longer than it should have and it’s not my favorite, but (have you noticed) I like painting pumpkins a fair bit, so it was fine. This is one of the few acrylic paintings I did during this month- I don’t usually do acrylics because they’re hard for me to blend and they dry so quick, but they are awfully nice to clean up, being water based.

And there we have it- 30 paintings, completed in 30 days! I never thought I’d be successful, but I managed to get them all done and feel pretty good. I learned a lot and got to do some really fun experimenting and branching out in terms of subjects, and accomplish some painting goals I’ve had for a while! This was such a fun month, and I’ve absolutely come out a better painter- definitely a faster one! Thanks to Leslie Saeta for this challenge! You can see all the completed paintings here.

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