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For those of you that don't know, I'm spending September doing Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge. It's my third time doing one of these- it's really fun, and I feel confident that I can do all thirty days this time! It's been one week and I'm going strong. This is not the whole first week, but I'm dividing up my posts a little early because the next few paintings are their own series and they're a little different.

Also going forward I'll be posting each of my paintings here (though you can also follow my Instagram to get daily updates!) I'm still figuring things out, since this is my first ever blog, so the every day thing may change.

Without further ado, here is the first week (I promise later posts won't be as long):

Day 1: I think this one is my favorite of all the ones I've done so far. I'm a big fan of Teddi Parker's art and I took a lot of inspiration from her still lifes here. This was my first comfortable still life- I've done one before but for the most part I've always done portraits and landscapes. I really love how this turned out- the lighting is from a lamp in my living room, and it reminds me of being cozy at home. The beer can is my favorite ale from West Sixth, a local brewery that's really popular in Lexington. The itty-bitty pumpkins are from a dear friend's garden, and they remind me of her whenever I see this piece! This color scheme also just really worked for me- it's so fall-y and here at the end of a humid Kentucky summer I couldn't be more ready.

This is a painting of a mushroom I found while hunting chanterelle mushrooms (which are delicious) on a family vacation in Alabama. I love all the little snails all over it. I wish now that I had picked it, but I'm an amateur mushroom hunter. I didn't realize at the time, but this is a lactarius indigo- apparently they're not only edible but quite delicious with eggs and ham. I'm not totally happy with the details on the mushroom- the snails turned out fine but the mushroom had these lovely green and brown ridges and bumps on it. I'll probably paint it again- it was beautiful.

Another one with the can! I wanted to do another still life with it but I wanted to add something different that was kind of on-theme (which I guess is "still lifes of local things Bonnie likes"). We borrowed this book of climbing routes in the Red River Gorge from some friends we go climbing with, and it was the perfect addition. I'm not an avid or skilled rock climber, but it is my favorite sport- my husband and I watch bouldering instead of football or basketball. The coaster is a lovely-smelling cedar addition from a little shop about an hour away from me, owned by some friends.

I've really been wanting to do some more landscapes with mountains and interesting features, so this was a stab at that to break up the still lifes for a second. I put a castle on the close hill for a fantasy feel. I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to with this- the scale didn't quite turn out how I wanted- but I had fun playing with light and geological features. I like the stream in the valley best, and how it winds back in the hills.

Guys, painting knit textures is hard. These are those same tiny pumpkins from above, nestled in a blue scarf I made. While I was painting this in my sunny front room, I really wished it was chilly outside so I could wrap myself in the soft blue-gray scarf and go looking for more tiny pumpkins like these. I need to add my voice to the crowds of people who love fall the most- I love the colors of the trees and the ability to layer clothing and the hot drinks and warm, soft, snuggly blankets. Most of all, though, I love the chilly relief from summer- I am not a hot-weather person.

This was the last of the first installment of my still lifes that I posted this week, but it was actually the first I painted. The stuff in this picture references a special, deeply nerdy place in my Bonnie heart. I said on my Instagram post for this one that the bottle was a vinegar bottle that I thought looked like a potion bottle. The blue dice bag is a knitted one I made to hold my stuff for the first Dungeons and Dragons game I ever played, which the D20 is also from. The bag has a red button with a skull on it because my character was a death cleric of the Raven Queen, although the button was one I got years ago from an old coworker's band.

I hope you've enjoyed this- it's fun sharing the background from all of these! If you're curious, all of the paintings in this post are for sale for $30 ($30 for 30 in 30, get it?) in my shop. Each one is 6x6", which would normally be about $40. You can either shoot me a message or go through my shop!

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