A robin feathering his nest has very little time to rest...

I wrote my first blog post about the oil paintings I’ve been doing for 30 in 30, but I wanted to give my next three paintings their own post because they’re quite different. For starters, they’re watercolors (which is really my natural bent outside of this challenge). Secondly, they’re single subjects. Also, they’ll be the first paintings I’ve ever sent to a gallery, which is pretty exciting!

I love these birds. My father is an amateur ornithologist, and so growing up there was always a well-loved copy of Peterson’s bird guide in the house (with binoculars close by). My first birds were some Eastern bluebirds painted as a present for him, and now I just keep painting them! Here are some of the flock:

Eastern goldfinch

Great blue heron

Blue winged teal

These birds (and three more) are watercolor on paper (6” square), and will be for sale in the Upper Crust Gallery in Lexington, KY starting next week. Pop on by and have a look at these and the other great artwork there!


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