Welcome! I'm Bonnie.

As an artist, I seek to draw out the significance of everyday life and capture the beauty and
emotion of subjects that are regarded as mundane. I want to encapsulate meaningful ideas in my
paintings. I love the play of light and the organic beauty of the natural world, as well as the
structured, harder beauty of the manmade world, and I believe that taking time to recognize and
enjoy the value in both is essential in a society that throws images- most of which are not beautiful,
valuable, or meaningful- at us every day. I love to help others realize their own visions through
commissions, and I want to share my adventures in life with others in order to inspire them through
bringing humor and meaning with pleasing subject matter. I want to enrich people’s lives the way
that the adventurers and artists I’ve grown up loving have done for mine. I hope to communicate joy
and meaning through my art, in order to improve the world around me and help people thrive.